• MEMBER of Institute of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education 2002-2005 • FELLOW of the HIGHER EDUCATION ACADEMY of the United Kingdom since 2005

Teaching, Curriculum and Programme Development

Curriculum Development includes:

i. PhD Education

Research Methods and Theory courses for the Doctoral Programme in the Social Sciences University of Vienna, since 2012. Policy support to development of PhD programmes and mainstreaming of quality assurance procedures.

Full development and coordination of PhD research training subject specific programme in Communications Studies ICS, University of Leeds between 2006-2009. Year long series on epistemology, research training methods, techniques.

Liaising with central University of Leeds Development Programme Services on teaching assistantships, research training in various qualitative and quantitative methods and generic training for social sciences students.

Leadership, coordination and leading mentoring of the PhD students organising teams of the annual PhD ICS University of Leeds Conference in Communication, Media and Culture topics with international participation 2006-2009.

ii. PhD education and postdoctoral development

Leadership, research training accreditation by ESRC (UK) and reorganisation of PhD Programme University of Leeds 2006-2009

PhD Faculty professionalisation programme, University of Leeds 2008-2011. This is in collaboration of the Faculty of Performance, Visual Arts and Communication (PVAC) with the Faculty of Arts.

PVAC (University of Leeds) Faculty specific development and training programme 2008-present: academic and professional development seminars, research methods training seminars (topics include: getting published, equality and diversity, getting grans, the world class university etc)

Ph.D. programme in Diversity in the Classroom, Preparing the Future Faculty Programme, Training for Future University Teachers, University of Kentucky, USA 2000

iii. Postgraduate Programmes (Master’s Level)

Comprehensive RE-development of MA in Communications Studies Programme University of Leeds (2004-2006). New programme offered in 2007. Revision included market research, focus groups, consultation and canvassing of experts, external review, internal procedures for validation. New MACS programme contains three expert routes despite generic character for postgraduate training. Extremely successful outcome in terms of quality, atonement with global scholarly developments including student recruitment. Development included design and development of 4 new modules.

Leadership, Teaching and development of Critical Issues in Communication and Media MA core module (University of Leeds) 2007, 2008. Includes student original research projects and presentation in a conference format.

Redesign, leadership and teaching of Politics and Economics of Communications Policy MA (University of Leeds) since 2004

Development, leadership and teaching Communicating Europe (MA) (University of Leeds) since 2007

Programme development of Master of Arts in International Communications and Media, Coventry University 2001-2004

Teaching sessions on Information Societies Coventry University (Masters Programme)

Media and Cultural Theory core module one third contribution to two semester module (Masters Programme) Coventry University

Leadership, redesign and teaching International Communications (Masters Programme) Coventry University 2000-2004;

Leadership Teaching MA Globalisation and media policy (Coventry University), core module, one semester 1999-2004

Teaching Research Methods on the MA programmes (Coventry University) sessions on policy analysis, close reading, discourse and content analysis, political economy analysis. Review writing, Two semester course 2000-2004

iv. Undergraduate Programmes (Bachelor’s level)

Leadership, teaching and redesign of Communications Policy Issues (level 2, core, University of Leeds)

Leadership, design and teaching sessions on Production and Reproduction of Inequalities in the Media (Levels 2 & 3 Coventry): structural, systemic re-production of unequal access to media and communication, media as organisations and work places, media as meaning makers through content and representation. One semester optional module (2000-2001)

Leadership, redesign and teaching Media and Cultural Policy (Level 3)

One third contribution to double core module Introduction to Media Theory (Level 1); Coventry University, 1999-2003

v. External guest/invited teaching

Summer School The dynamics of Virtual Labour COST Action 2013 July 22-26

Undergraduate levels 1 and 2 in Global Media Studies on Freedom of Expression. Karlstad University 2009 September

Postgraduate Sessions on Digital Divide, Media Structures and Media Governance Karlstad University 2009 September

Invited talk Elon University USA British Media and the Internet visiting summer class in London June 2006

Guest Talk University of San Francisco, USA British Media and alternative Media Stanhope Centre, visiting summer class in London June 2005

Invited talk Digital Divide Friedrich Erbert Foundation Stipendiatenseminar Wurzburg Germany, Nov. 2005

Guest Lectures on European and International Communications Policy Universität Münster, Germany July2004

Global Communication Equity, On-line Long-Distance, (Blackboard Web learning software) PhD Graduate Programme, University of Kentucky, USA

Visiting Lectures, MBA in Public Administration University of Birmingham, School of Governance, 2001

Invited Lecture, ‘European Union Media Policies: the Case of Public Service Broadcasters as Alternative Media’ University of Kentucky, USA Graduate School of Communications and Information Sciences, 2000

Media and Cultural Policy (Level 2) Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland UK

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